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The Late-ish Show with Rosie Beaver

At the end of last year, we had the pleasure of building 'Rosie Beaver', the host of the live chat show 'The Late-ish Show' at the Phoenix Artist Club, London. The guests interviewed by puppet Rosie herself, included actor Helen Lederer and west end star Marisha Wallace.

professional custom puppet


In one of our recent projects, we were asked to design and build a Donald Trump style puppet! Here is the result, complete with signature blonde hair, USA flag pin and of course, small hands!

cheetos puppet

CHEETOS - Chester Cheetah

We can finally reveal some of our projects from earlier this year. One of these is Cheetos. We were commissioned to build 'Chester Cheetah', the mascot for the cheesy crisp brand. He will be used for a viral advertising campaign for the European strand of Cheetos and you can head over to Cheetos Poland Facebook page here to view some of the videos.

boy puppet

Our Latest Professional Puppet

We were recently commissioned to design and create this little boy puppet for a series of films, teaching children what to expect when in hospital. Here is the character, Sam, just before he was sent off to filming.

Tonight At The London Palladium

The two old ladies we designed ('Ruby' and 'Pearl') are back for another series on ITV. Here you can see them in the theatre's royal box, having fun with comedian Joe Pasquale who has a puppet of his own! Check them out every Wednesday 8pm on ITV.

cat puppet

Nearly There! Just a Few Whiskers

This is a recent character we designed in our studio - a big fluffy cat puppet. This is the progress in our workshops - just a few more details and this character will be ready to perform.

personalised puppet

Study in Blue

Here is one of our latest characters. We were commissioned by the client to design a puppet with blue skin for a series of stage performances. The vibe we wanted is a slightly vintage feel to the overall asthetic. We went ahead and custom made the costume from a wonderful geometric print. A pair of sculpted lips, white teeth and two big, doey brown eyes finished her look.

bat puppet

Happy Halloween

You may have seen this little guy flying around recently! Here is one of our latest creature puppets. We took this character out for a photoshoot just around the corner from Regent's Park, London. It was infact within the grounds of a Church yard - very relevant! Whilst Bats are often regarded as 'spooky' or 'vampires', we decided to make our bat furry and cute (even though he has a nice pair of fangs). Onlookers were mainly office workers, sitting in the Church yard on their lunch break. They certainly had a surprise when we got this fella out. The response was great - everyone loves a furry critter, particulary if they're fluffy!

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