About Us

Where Beautiful Design Meets Sculpture

Based in the heart of London and just a stones throw away from the V & A Museum of Childhood, Puppets Magic Studio makes puppets for a variety of international clients.

Inside a former factory turned office block, parts of disassembled furry shapes and body parts scatter the studio, whilst blocks of foam wait in line, ready to be transformed into a new puppet character.

Within this eclectic bunch of objects and wonderfully coloured fabrics there will probably be a character you will see on a Television or Theatre production. A team of puppet makers and designers work away busily in this creative environment, ready to take on the next puppet building challenge.

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dog puppet

Just Eat x Snoop Dogg

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creature puppet

Blauer Bock

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puppet making

Looking for a Puppet Maker?

Bespoke Puppets for HD Filming.

We bring together sculptors, fabricators and animatronic specialists to design puppet characters that will look stunning in front of any camera or audience. With experience working with an impressive variety of television broadcasters, producers, film makers and more, you can rest assured your character idea is in safe hands.

music video puppet
A John Lennon puppet during a filming session in East London
latex puppet
Female puppet made from latex and fleece with animatronic eyes being created in our studio.

Our Company

Creative Director, Daniel Byrne, founded the company. Daniel has designed and built characters for endless productions across the world. After training in Fine Art at both Goldsmiths and Central Saint Martins School of Art, Daniel set up Puppets Magic, with the intention of combining sculpture and performance to create puppet characters for HD filming.

Having worked alongside many puppeteers, he leads the studio team in the direction of building puppets with the puppeteer’s requirements in mind.
As he explains, “Puppets are not just objects. They are designed to move and perform. For this reason we ensure our characters are not just visually attractive, but more importantly that they are comfortable for the puppeteer and move in all the right ways. This guarantees our work will give your production the best performance, time and time again”. The studio is capable of designing and constructing a wide range of hand puppets. Every project will have its new creative challenges, whether it’s a moving mouth puppet or a 30 foot stage character. No project is too simple or complex.
Initial sketches form and in important step during the design process of creating a character.
tv puppets
Puppet built for 'Diagonal View'. Character design by Diagonal View Limited.
monster puppet
'Mr. Cuddle Monster' designed and built for CITV's Weekend show 'Scrambled!'.
Filming one of our creations in our studio.
puppet company
The entrance to our design studio.

Our High-Definition Puppets come in Various Forms.

As well as the obvious mouth and hand movement, we also make a variety of animatronics and mechanical features such as blinking eyelids and raising eyebrows. One thing is certain: all our puppets are made with great attention to detail. Puppets Magic Studio understands the requirements of the puppeteer. Only the finest materials are used, combined with their time-honed techniques to produce custom puppets that will look great in any advertising campaign, TV production or stage show. For more information on commissioning a custom made puppet, take a look at our order page. Our studio can also design and make props - whether you require a costume made for your character or a full sized puppet stage. Whether you’re a film-maker looking for a puppet for your latest production or a business owner, looking for a unique character to promote your company, Puppets Magic Studio will work with you to create a custom puppet – completely unique to you. From concept design to realisation of your character, all you need is some imagination. Let our puppet makers do the rest!
cool dude
mascot puppet
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'Captain Travel' professional puppet character built for Disney Maker Studios. Photo, Transcedent Films/ Maker Studios